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Dynamic Propeller Balancing

  Powermaster offers Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Electronic Prop Balance IndicatorPowermaster performs dynamic balancing on all engine installations.

Vibration and heat are the two major elements that increase wear and tear on an engine, airframe and avionics, not to mention wear and tear on pilots and passengers. Excess vibration can shorten the life of expensive engine components such as avionics, vacuum pumps, exhaust systems, engine baffling, spinners, as well as internal engine components.

Dynamic propeller balancing is a process whereby an electronic balancer is used to measure the vibration produced by the aircraft powerplant/propeller combination. The balancing procedure is performed on the ground, with the engine and propeller installed on the aircraft.

Prop Balancing SensorsAfter analyzing the initial balance data, small trim balance weights are added to the spinner bulkhead correct for errors and reduce the measured vibration to the lowest level practical. In the short term, there is usually an immediate reduction in the noise and vibration "feel" in the cabin.

Dynamic propeller balancing is likely the most cost-effective maintenance task you can do for your airplane. We recommend that you consider doing this every 500 hours, or after a prop overhaul or cylinder change. The majority of pilots immediately notice a positive effect on the level of vibration in the cabin.

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