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Common knowledge tells us that heat is the enemy of everything mechanical, be it an aircraft engine or a wagon wheel.

Powermaster installs STC'd D'Shannon Baffle Kits on virtually every engine we build for Bonanzas and Barons.

We believe that the D'Shannon Baffle Kit is the best investment owners can make to ensure the maximum life of their engine.  Our experience in building engines for Bonanzas and Barons tells us that the Baffle Kit offers superior cooling performance over the original baffling.

This high efficiency baffle cooling kit is made with high temperature, high tear strength, custom molded silicone laced fiberglass core material. They are strong and stiff, yet pliable and resilient enough to ensure a tight fit. Mountings are all new and polyurethane-coated aluminum. Complete set includes, custom fit air baffling and mounting system.

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The D'Shannon Baffle Kit is not an aftermarket "add on."  It completely replaces existing baffling and integrates the engine compartment and upper cowling through use of fiberglass upper cowl baffles. 


At first glance, the most obvious features of the Baffle Kit are the blue molded flexible baffle seals. However, the key to the improved performance of the Baffle Kit is the detailed engineering and manufacturing of the aluminum baffles.

Upon close inspection the refinement becomes clear; the fit of the aluminum baffles around the cylinders, crankcase and accessories is much more precise than original baffling.  This precision results in fewer leaks and more uniform cooling.

Each Baffle Kit is custom fitted to the engine and upper cowling with the engine removed from the aircraft. In flight, the D'Shannon Baffle Kit improves the distribution of air flow around the engine, ensuring the most uniform cylinder temperatures possible.

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