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The words "Engine Overhaul" strike fear in the hearts of aircraft owners, and a complete engine overhaul is never an easy pill to swallow. There are so many choices and decisions to be made. Cost, time, quality of work, and reputation are all key considerations when deciding how to bring a tired engine back to life.

PowerMaster Engines has satisfied clients worldwide, and has gained a solid reputation for quality work. Owner Bill Cunningham and his staff take pride in their work, and restore every engine to new limits and performance.

Bill CunninghamBill Cunningham is a pilot, master craftsman, and skilled and detail-oriented engine rebuilder. With the proper combination of components, baffling and assembly techniques, PowerMaster provides the optimum performance engine. PowerMaster also offers highly-detailed installation, in-flight dynamic balancing and vibration spectrum analysis.

For quality and value, a superior engine built by PowerMaster is the only way to fly.

See the quality, feel the difference.

PowerMaster Engines

  • Superior Millennium Cylinders
  • Custom baffle installation for improved cooling
  • New ignition, starter and fuel injection systems included
  • Custom coatings and platings
  • RAM camshafts, GAMI fuel injection nozzles
  • FAA Certified Repair Station P46R287Y

Powermaster's Hangar

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